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We at Statecraft can help you with all of your Federal and California based

campaign compliance needs!

Campaign Craftware is a network ready, comprehensive database system. It was designed to be a political campaign's compliance, treasury, administrative and reporting tool. It manages all of your campaign contributions, expenditures and fundraising proceeds. Political disclosure information is extracted from your database, for any reporting period that you designate, and can either be used to efile to the proper regulatory agency, view as a pdf, or printed in a paper format. In attempting to reach our goal of becoming the go to software for anything campaign disclosure/compliance related, we have over the past years also added the subsequent areas of management to Campaign Craftware; Federal/California Candidates, Federal/California Pacs, Major Donors, California/Federal Lobbying, California Campaigns, and Slate Mailers. If the capabilities of Campaign Craftware are what you are looking for, please email us for a more detailed explanation of our software as well as our pricing structure.
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